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Making a difference one word at a time

We are mainly a paediatric practice serving infants up to Grade 12 learners.  However, we also provide therapy to adults.  We especially focus on the following areas:

  • Articulation (This refers to the ability of accurately pronouncing different speech sounds. Articulation difficulties can potentially cause unintelligible speech and an inability to communicate effectively).

  • Receptive Language (This refers to the ability to understand language).

  • Expressive Language (This refers to the ability to correctly express thoughts by using words and sentences within speech.  This includes sentence construction, sentence length and grammar).

  • Academic Language (Academic language proficiency is crucial for a child to be able to cope in the classroom context).

  • Auditory Processing (This refers to the ability to understand and process what is being heard, in the presence of normal hearing and intelligence. It is important for reading and spelling success).

  • Pragmatics (This refers to the ability to cope within a social context by using functional eye-contact, appropriate register, turn-taking and topic maintenance).

We as therapists at Coralié Vermaak Speech-Language Therapists are passionate about children and we aim to help every child to reach their full communicative potential.  Our practice was established in 2005 and through the years we were blessed with phenomenal growth and amazing children crossing our paths.  We, as excellently qualified practitioners, are excited to work with each child which walks through our doors.  We strive to treat every child with love and compassion and our goal is to help your child communicate effectively through parent-centered therapy.

  • Early Communication Development
    (The earlier we can start addressing a communication difficulty, the better our chances for success. A child is never too young for therapy.  Therapy also includes parent training).

  • Reading abilities (This refers to reading speed, fluency and comprehension).

  • Spelling abilities (This refers to the understanding of written sounds, as well as the understanding and application of spelling rules).

  • Stuttering, stammering, cluttering and normal disfluencies (This refers to any condition affecting the fluency of speech).  

  • Swallowing disorders (This refers to excessive drooling, eating difficulties due to tongue weakness and dental problems due to incorrect tongue placement).

  • Voice problems (Including vocal misuse, as well as problems with intonation and vocal quality).

  • Bi-/ Multilingual children (Referring to language confusion, as well as the lack of a solid language basis).

  • Hearing Loss (After proper hearing aid fitting/ cochlear implant by an Audiologist, we support children with the acquisition of speech and language.

“Communication is not only the essence of being human, but also a vital property of life.”

(John A. Piece)

We cannot wait to help you help

               your child!

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